What Makes The Vera Model Different?

Here are the basics:


On-Site Clinics

We make primary care accessible and effective by working with organizations to provide on-site clinics to their employees. These on-site clinics make primary care affordable and convenient so that patients are more willing to invest in preventive care.


Patient Focused

Providers and care teams provide comprehensive care that is centered around patients and their needs, not a system. Each patient is treated as an individual, spends significant time with providers, and relies on the clinic team to coordinate all of their care.


Behavior Change

We treat patients by esteeming them through empathetic listening. This experience unlocks the patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation. It empowers them to change their behavior in a lasting way.

Great Total Rewards Package

The Total Rewards Package includes competitive compensation and benefits. We want to take care of you so that you can worry about taking care of our patients. It just works better that way. Here are a few of the benefits you'll receive.

  • Generous comprehensive benefits package
  • Generous PTO and maternity and paternity leave
  • Access to Vera Clinic Services
  • Parking and transportation benefit

Reimagining Healthcare Together

Pioneering the future of healthcare is hard work. Everyone on our team leans in to achieve it. If you join us, you’ll be a vital part of this process. Here are a few of the things that you can expect:

  • We do this in an environment of empathy and trust: Even though the work can be demanding, you can always rely on the empathy and trust of your fellow teammates.
  • It’s challenging...and exciting: Working without a clear roadmap can be difficult, but there’s plenty of room for ingenuity and creative thinking.
  • We expect effort: Everything won’t always come easily, but we’re committed to getting to our desired future together.
  • We take the time: We’ll encourage you to take the time to think through problems and come up with real solutions.
  • We’re creating something new: Building something from scratch means there isn’t always a clear path forward.
“I chose to work at Vera because the Company’s Values are the best of any company I have ever worked for and the opportunity to be part of this revolution in health care was irresistible.” — Karl Weyrauch, MD MPH

Opportunities in Multiple States:

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Bradley Frank
Lead Provider at Flagstaff, Arizona
Team member since October 2015

May 2019 Featured Employee

Who I am and what I love to do

Vera Whole health is a viable expression of who I am and what I love to do. From residency to private practice healthcare has always felt like a scramble to balance quality care and time management. And more and more the economic pressures to bill and collect for services have dominated. The Vera model has allowed more time to provide excellent care, develop deep relationships with patients, and avoid the threat of provider burnout. I’m inspired by the satisfaction that comes from overcoming a challenge, solving a puzzle, or aiding someone in times of physical or emotional distress. Vera Whole Health allows me to be the best provider I can be.

When not at work I love porpoising thru bottomless powder on fat telemark skis with endless face shots, summiting then descending a technical mountain bike trail with all skin and bones intact, dancing to live music and any successful family vacation.

Bradley Frank
Lead Provider at Flagstaff, Arizona
Team member since October 2015

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