“The Vera mission of changing behaviors through empathetic listening fits in with my philosophy of life that people have inherent worth and deserve to be listened to.” — Mikayla Fletcher, Patient Service Representative

Patients Are More Than Statistics



Preventive care is essential to long-term health. We want to work with patients to discover issues before symptoms arise.



We provide comprehensive care to every patient. This means our approach to each patient is tailored and every team member is essential.



We unlock each patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation.

Allied Staff Roles

It takes the whole team to get the job done at a Vera clinic. Each care team is made up of a number of the different roles that must work together to achieve their goals. Although every clinic doesn’t have the same roles, here are a few of the important ones.

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants provide essential support to providers by taking patient histories, completes various clinical and administrative tasks.

Licensed Practical Nurse

LPNs at Vera clinics work hands on with patients in both preventive and acute care situations. They'll often partner with a provider.

Patient Service Representative

Our patient service representatives are essential to welcoming patients, checking them in, and making sure they feel at home.

Unpacking The Vera Model

On-Site Clinics

We make primary care accessible and effective by working with organizations to provide on-site clinics to their employees. These on-site clinics make primary care affordable and convenient so that patients are more willing to invest in preventive care.

Patient Focused

Providers and care teams provide comprehensive care that is centered around patients and their needs, not a system. Each patient is treated as an individual, spends significant time with providers, and relies on the clinic team to coordinate all of their care.

Behavior Change

We treat patients by esteeming them through empathetic listening. This experience unlocks the patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation. It frees them to change their behavior in a lasting way.

The Single Provider Approach

Clinics are built around care teams. This means you’ll be able to focus in on learning how to best support your provider and care team and make the best care available to patients.

“I am very satisfied with the medical care I have received from Vera Health Clinic. I'm never rushed, they listen to you, and answer all your questions. They are very thorough in taking care of your medical needs.” — Vera Patient

Total Rewards

We provide competitive salaries and benefits to licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, and patient services representatives. You’ll be doing the hard work of taking care of patients. We want to take care of you. Total Rewards depend on the position, but here are a few of the details:

  • Comprehensive benefits package, medical, dental, vision, life insurance
  • Generous PTO and maternity and paternity leave
  • Access to Vera Clinic Services
  • CME benefits with paid days off

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