“Every day I get to walk alongside patients as they consider the possibilities, make positive changes, and celebrate their successes. To get to do all this with a team of like-minded coworkers simply adds to the satisfaction.” — Donna Triemstra, Whole Health Coach

Vera Coaching Distinctives



We unlock each patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation.



Our coaches work beside patients as a collaborative partner, helping draw out what patients already know, believe, and desire.


Behavior Change

We empower patients initiate change and set goals to address a variety of concerns, such as: stress, diet, exercise, and work-life balance.

Your Day Will Be Different.

When you come to Vera we’re asking you do one thing: health coaching. The way you spend your day will shift dramatically with Vera.

Traditional Health Coaching The Vera Model You Choose!
  • Most health coaches either run their own practice or coach solely via telephone or video
  • It’s hard to build true empathy and connection through the barriers of technology
  • Working solo allows you significant leeway in your recommendations but provides little support from a team
  • Independent health coaches must worry about running a business, finding clients, and coaching; this is an overwhelming task.
  • Final Analysis: Health coaching is an empowering job, but it can be difficult given technological constraints and business responsibilities

Unpacking The Vera Model

On-Site Clinics

We make primary care accessible and effective by working with organizations to provide on-site clinics to their employees. These on-site clinics make primary care affordable and convenient so that patients are more willing to invest in preventive care.

Patient Focused

Providers, health coaches and care teams provide comprehensive care that is centered around patients and their needs, not a system. Each patient is treated as an individual, spends significant time with providers, and relies on the clinic team to coordinate all of their care.

Behavior Change

We treat patients by esteeming them through empathetic listening. This experience unlocks the patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation. It frees them to change their behavior in a lasting way. Health coaches are central to this approach.

The Vera Care Team

As a health coach, you’ll team up with other professionals to provide comprehensive care.

“My coach is always such a great listener and encourager. She reflects back my comments and incorporates them into my goals. I always feel better after meeting with her!” — Vera Coaching Patient

Immersive Coaching Program

Built into our onboarding program, Vera offers an immersive four-month coaching program focused on advancing you as a health coach. Each coach completes 80 hours of training, covering the Vera Way coaching framework and working hands-on with practice clients under the guidance of Vera instructors and a professional coach.

  • Discover proven behavior change methods that will help your patients achieve their goals
  • Learn how to apply coaching skills like appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing through 1:1 mentoring and group activities
  • Explore health coaching in a clinical setting, including electronic health record training
  • Study health and wellness topics pertinent to unique patient populations

Health Coach Total Rewards

We provide competitive salaries and benefits to each health coach. You’ll be doing the hard work of taking care of patients. We want to take care of you. Total Rewards depend on the position, but here are a few of the details:

  • Comprehensive benefits package, medical, dental, vision, life insurance
  • Generous PTO and maternity and paternity leave
  • Access to Vera Clinic Services
  • CME benefits with paid days off

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