“The Vera model affords me the opportunity to really connect with people on a deeper level and provide truly comprehensive care of their physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs. ” — Rhonda Ravani, ARNP

Patients Are More Than Statistics



Preventive care is essential to long-term health. We want our providers to work with patients to discover issues before symptoms arise.



Our goal is to provide each patient with a home where they can receive all of the care they need. This means our approach to each patient is personal and tailored.



We unlock each patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation.

Your Day Will Be Different.

In a normal healthcare role, providers are crushed under the weight of their patient load. Production is key. At Vera, it’s different.

Traditional Primary Care The Vera Model You Choose!
  • A standard family medicine provider has 2,300 patients under their care
  • The average provider has 91.3 "patient encounters" each week
  • It would require 21 hours per day to provide acute, chronic and preventive care to all patients under their care
  • 19 patients per day means there is little time to do more than diagnose and treat the most obvious symptoms
  • Most family medicine providers spend 22 minutes per encounter
  • Final Analysis: You better move quickly to stay ahead of the crush of incoming patients

Source: Annals of Family Medicine via the Washington Post

The Vera Model Emphasizes Care Over Production

Extended Patient Time

The best care occurs when you spend more time with patients, get to know them, and explore their symptoms. On average you'll spend 30-60 minutes with each patient. Then, you're free to guide their comprehensive care.

Treating The Real Issues

In a traditional healthcare setting, you must quickly deal with one or two issues per visit. Vera allows you to explore beyond the obvious symptoms and identify root causes that must be addressed for a patient to be truly healthy.

A Sustainable Funding Model

Employers with Vera on-site clinics have committed to providing primary care for their employees. They pay a fee for each eligible employee in their organization. This provides stable funding that makes our model possible.

The Vera Care Team

As a provider, you’ll team up with other professionals to provide comprehensive care.

“I get the impression that my provider really cares and takes an active interest in my health concerns. I feel that with my last telephone appointment he took his time to find the best specialist for me.” — Vera Patient

Are You A Good Fit For Vera?

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