August 2017 Featured Employee

Vera Whole Health is a viable expression of who I am and what I love to do.  Working at Vera allows me to pursue deeper meaning in my daily work. I feel a sense of purpose every day, knowing that we are all working together for the common goals of esteeming people and creating a health revolution. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a healthcare company that truly values and supports both patients and staff, while encouraging everyone to listen and to be heard!

Feeling a genuine sense of connection and shared purpose with the people around me inspires me to bring my best self to the table. I have been lucky to work as part of several different teams at Vera, and I have been consistently impressed by the authentic, fun-loving, and hard-working people I work with. These people inspire me to do my best!

Most of my free time is spent gardening, writing papers for my master’s degree program, and enjoying good food with friends. And I love a warm summer rain…

July 2017 Featured Employee

Vera Whole Health is a viable expression of who I am and what I love to do.  I got into the medical field 14 years ago so that I could help people improve their health.  Working for Vera, I feel I am actually able to help my patients more than I have anywhere else.  Our providers, office manager and support staff work hand in hand to give our patients the greatest experience we can; I love that we all work together and are mindful to reach for similar goals.

It brings me joy to see expressions of happiness and gratitude after I have been able to help others in some way. This encourages me and inspires me to stay humble and do my best. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people here in Flagstaff. We make a great team and all work together like rockstars!!  I couldn’t ask for a better team.

I love to ride my horses and hike with my dogs.  Living in Flagstaff gives me the opportunities to take advantage of both.

Andrea Harrison
Flagstaff Clinic
Team Member Since August 2016
Alleah Taylor
Springbrook Clinic
Team Member Since December 2015

June 2017 Featured Employee

Vera Whole Health is a viable expression of who I am and what I love to do.  I love being able to help people and provide a safe space for them toexpress themselves. I believe everyone deserves to be heard, treated equally, and acknowledged. I love being the Patient Service Representative (PSR) at the Springbrook clinic because I am the first person patients come in contact with. It’s important to me that they immediately get a feel for how they will be treated in the clinic when they meet me. I’m thankful to be on a team that shares my values of diligence, patient oriented care andteamwork while demonstrating acceptance, mindfulness, empathy and GRIT!

When I’m not at work I enjoy dancing, concerts and gatherings like potlucks, sport events, movies and marathons as well as outdoor activities likeswimming, jogging, playing sports and going on hikes.  I have a special fondness for Mexican food and Will Ferrell and I especially love spending time with my family. It is a blessing to have them in my life and I appreciate their support and encouragement.